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Millie's Mark Award

Millie's Mark is awarded as a special endorsement to childcare providers that go above and beyond these minimum requirements by having 100% of staff trained in paediatric first aid, and also ensuring that everything learned during the course is kept alive and in the forefront of practitioners’ minds so that they are confident, ready and capable.

Sun Safe Nurseries

Sun Safe Nurseries accreditation programme includes: creating a suitable sun safety policy; communicating with parents to gain support and raise awareness across the wider nursery community and introduce/reinforce sun safety education to early learners.


Radio 4 All In The Mind Awards

In 2021 Nursery Manager Natalie won the Radio 4 All In The Mind Awards in the individual category for supporting staff mental health.

Carer Positive Award

The Carer Positive award is presented to employers in Scotland who have a working environment where carers are valued and supported.

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